3 Motivational Desktop Backgrounds

Sometimes in the summer I feel it's easy to slack off and become lazy, at least for me. I always have big hopes of things I want to accomplish and projects to tackle, but then when that heat and humidity come sweeping in I somehow find myself schlumping into a sloth-like state where I can't be bothered to exercise, or work on anything non-essential. And then by the end of the summer I'm left with half finished projects or some not started at all. Only to pick up next summer right where I left off and only an inch closer to the finish line. 

So for all of those out there who are like me, repeatedly fall fatally into the summer schlump, here's a daily reminder to get out there and get the job done! Three fun, downloadable desktops to give you that extra little nudge and boost of encouragement so that you can finally cross all those tasks off your summer to do list and feel great about it! And just think about all the open space you'll create to start new things next summer!